Personal Accountant

As experts in personal tax, we offer advice and guidance with tax planning and preparation for individuals, as well as strategic solutions for business ventures and start-ups.

Preparation of Personal Tax Returns
Specialize in complex situations which include:
• Unincorporated Businesses
• Several Rental Properties
• Tracking Portfolio Investments and Trust Units

Retirement Planning
• Determine if savings and pensions allow for retirement
• Advise on pension plan options given by current employer to determine which is best for each individual situation
• Determine when most beneficial to begin withdrawing RRSP accounts and in what amounts

Financial Statement Preparation (proprietors, joint ventures, partnerships)

Business Start-ups
• Determine proper structure for business for given situation
       o i.e. Sole proprietorship, partnership, joint venture or corporation
• Assist in setting up records and training and/or preparing bookkeeping going forward
• Ensure all proper accounts set up with CRA
• Prepare and/or train to prepare payroll, GST/HST returns and remittances